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Brembo Replacement Brake Pad Set (Genuine Sintered)

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Genuine Sintered (LA) – Provides good friction and low wear at all temperatures and weather conditions. Similar performance to the Street Use Sintered pads but with lower wear. Recommended for street use only as the braking performance declines beyond 480°F (250°C).

Sintered pads consist of metallic powders with the addition of lubricants and abrasives that are combined using pressure and high heat. This process attaches the braking compound to the metal backing plate without the use of any adhesives. The metallic powders used in each specific pad is what determines its braking capacity and stability at high temperatures. The lubricants increase brake pads stability while the abrasives work to keep the brake rotors clean.

Application: Compatible with GP4-RX, .484, GP4-RS, and M4 Brembo calipers

Compound: Sintered

Pad Shape: C

Width: 102.2mm

Height: 42mm

Thickness: 7.7mm

Includes: 2 Brake Pads (1 Caliper Set)

Brembo P/N: 07BB3793

Proper pad break-in is extremely important to ensure optimum performance and life. To complete brake pad break-in, lightly apply the brakes a number of times letting the system cool between each braking event. The break-in period varies by pad material, the organic pads require more careful and precise braking to avoid the risk of "glossing" the pads which will adversely affect their performance.

Brembo Replacement Brake Pad Set (Genuine Sintered)Brembo Replacement Brake Pad Set (Genuine Sintered)