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15W-40 Alisyn Synthetic Oil Gallon

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Type: Synthetic Oil

SAE: 15W-40

Size: Quart

Application: Nitrous/Heavily Modified Engine

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Alisyn family of 100% synthetic oils is considered to be the world benchmark. They are used in the most demanding racing environments and are proven to reduce wear, friction, and operating temperature. The additive package was formulated to give exceptional load carrying capabilities (+4500 lb. Falex loads) while offering superior oxidation stability compared to other lubricants on the market.



Customers report reduced operating temperatures up to 45°F when compared to conventional lubricants and up to 30°F compared to other synthetic motor oils. These performance characteristics result in operating efficiency increases of up to 15%.





Synthetic Lubricating Oil


SAE: 15W-40

ISO VG: 100

API Gravity: 32.2

Specific Gravity @ 60°F/60°F: 0.86

Temperature Range: -30 to 400 °F


Alisyn synthetic motor oils are blended to give the highest possible performance, regardless of cost. We use expensive ingredients that make it impossible to compete, based on cost, with most other motor oils on the market. Alisyn motor oils are designed for high performance race engines, not the small test engines used for API certification.



The large difference in price between Alisyn products and other lesser brands of lubricants has led people to ask why they should spend more money for Alisyn products. There are several very good reasons.



ASTM D-3945B - Sheer Stability


Alisyn = 4.0%

Other Synthetics = 8 - 12%


The highest shear rates for an oil occur in the bearings of an engine. You will get the best bearing protection from an oil that exhibits less viscosity shear down. This translates directly to longer bearing and engine life, and makes it possible to use lower viscosity oils.



ASTM D-4172 - Coefficient of Friction


Alisyn = 0.04

Other Synthetics = 0.07


The use of Alisyn oil will cut internal frictional losses by almost half compared to other synthetics. This translates directly to less wear, more power, and better fuel economy.



ASTM D-2625 - Boundary Lubrication Falex Test, (fail load)/(PSI @ load)


Alisyn = 4500lb/202,386@4250

Other Synthetics = 3500lb/79,111@3250


The Falex test separates the men from the boys when it comes to wear prevention. The Falex fail load is 1,000 lbs. higher for Alisyn compared to other synthetics. In addition, Alisyn oils produce much smaller wear scars at the pre-failure load stage of 4,250 lbs. compared to other synthetic oils, as indicated by the much higher calculated pressure (PSI). This means Alisyn oils will carry a much higher load before you get metal-to-metal contact. All of our engine and gear oils, even at the lowest oil viscosity, carry the same high 4,000 lb to 4,500 lb Falex sliding loads. This means that lower viscosity Alisyn oils can safely be used in race engines, materially reducing power losses from pumping high viscosity engine oils. No other manufacturers make this claim.



The Racing Environment - The Final Test. For the last 20 years Alisyn oils have proven themselves time and time again in the real world racing environment. Just ask any of our loyal customers.

15W-40 Alisyn Synthetic Oil Gallon