Understand why buying genuine parts is an investment and not an expense.

Yes! You can even buy parallel parts to equip your bike. No! You should not do this if you want to ensure the safety and quality of riding. Parallel items are similar in some aspects, but they can never really be compared to genuine parts, developed with high standard raw material and technology.

Ah, but then you might be thinking: parallel pieces are cheaper. We need to warn you that it is not worth the supposed savings, because if you choose parts of dubious origin, you will probably face problems in a short time. The result of that choice? You will have to spend again to resolve an issue that could have been resolved in the first place with genuine items. In the end, cheap can be very expensive.

Want to know why buying genuine parts is a good deal for every motorcyclist? Here are just a few good reasons to avoid parallel pieces.

More Durability

As I anticipated at the beginning of the text, genuine parts are produced with materials of undeniable quality and undergo rigorous tests throughout the manufacturing process. In other words, they are designed to last longer and cannot be compared to non-genuine items available on the market.

Bigger Savings

The pseudo-economy proposed by the side items is false and not worth it. It is usually synonymous with double spending in a short period of time. Genuine parts, on the contrary, are a real investment. Genuine items offer excellent value for money, precisely because of the quality. As they last much longer, they require fewer changes. Therefore, the expense is lower in the medium and long term. In practice, genuine parts are more advantageous per kilometre driven.

Factory Warranty

Genuine Honda parts, when exchanged at authorised dealerships, have a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. To complete, the replacement of items is carried out by specialised and properly trained professionals, who use the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure the best possible result.

Security and Reliability

Because they are in fact better parts, they guarantee the maximum performance of your motorcycle, that is, genuine items interfere with the quality of riding, including safety. With genuine parts, the risk of breakdowns and accidents, for example, is lower.

Genuine Parts are good for the bike as a whole

With the high performance provided by genuine parts, motorcycles perform all functions without hindrance, preventing other parts of the system from being overloaded. This increases the life of other parts of the motorcycle, as well as significantly reducing the need to replace items. Look how cool!

Practicality in everyday life

Choose genuine parts and gain, too, in practicality. With genuine parts, visits to mechanic shops will certainly be less frequent, in fact, rare. Parallel items may be even cheaper at first, however, they present complications more often.

So, did you like our article? Do you have the habit of purchasing parallel pieces or do you tend to give preference to genuine items? Share your opinions through the comments. Until next time and keep following the blog news.